JaDecor Natural Wallcovering

The most innovative wallcovering introduced in this country in the last 50 years JaDecor combines elegance, sophistication, and versatility not found in any other wall treatment or covering. JaDecor Wallcovering has been certified by the renowned Institute for Baubiologe in Rosenheim Germany. The IBR is considered the Gold standard for testing safe and healthy building products.

JaDecor is a patented mixture of natural fibers and minerals in a high- density composition that is troweled on the wall. In 1972 the development of JaDecor was initiated.The search for materials of the highest quality and beauty was extensive. The proper combination of cotton, plant fibers, and minerals integrated in a sophisticated production process was 10 years in development. Production of the full line of the décors commenced in the early 1980's.

The unique combination of materials that are incorporated in this product provide a remarkable number of benefits, not available in paint, wallpaper, or decorative finishes. JaDecor has acoustic and thermal value is seamless and repairable for its lifetime.JaDecor is installed by certified installers and is not a retail product More than 25 standard decors and and over 20 additional components such as mica, silk, dyes and metallics give our customers an unlimited variety of component and color. Jadecor is the best value in wallcovering today!
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