JaDecor is a natural cotton wall finish. The mixture of natural cotton fibers, minerals, and fabric dyes in a high density composition is troweled on the wall like a plaster finish. JaDecor combines elegance and sophistication in a versatile and environmentally conscious wall finish.

JaDecor is the most innovative wall finish introduced in this country in the last 50 years. Today this unique finish creates an aesthetically pleasing, acoustic and sustainable wall and ceiling finish for discerning design professionals and homeowners.

The visual warmth of cotton texture coupled with the true acoustic value of natural cotton fibers creates a warm, quiet and comfortable space that is unequaled by ordinary finishes. It is this fusion of Form and Function that makes JaDecor the most value added product in the wall finish market today!



Color & Component are limited only by your imagination. You choose the colors and components for a one off finish that is truly your creation. We use fabric dyes to dye the cotton. We then add micas and threads you choose to coordinate with your dcor and create a beautiful and timeless finish for your home or office.



The true acoustic value of natural cotton fiber has long been known, and is a significant benefit not found in other wall coverings or finishes. This acoustic value will create a comfortable, quiet, and relaxed atmosphere for business or residential application.



JaDecor was introduced to the U.S. in 1991 since then it has proven its resilience over the years in thousands of installations both commercial and residential. JaDecor is a seamless finish and is repairable for its lifetime.



Cotton is a rapidly renewable resource and a conscientious alternative to petroleum based vinyl wall coverings and paints. JaDecor is affiliated with Cotton Incorporated the world wide trade organization for the cotton industry. JaDecor is being specified in LEED commercial and residential projects.