Q. What is JaDecor?
A. JaDecor is an elegant natural cotton wall covering. JaDecor also contains other natural materials such as mica and plant fiber.

Q. Where can JaDecor be used?
A. All interior wall and ceiling surfaces are suitable for JaDecor including commercial and residential installations

Q. What are the benefits of JaDecor?
A. JaDecor reduces noise, insulates from heat and cold, is not affected by humidity, and is easily repairable. The longevity of JaDecor makes it a true value for our clients

Q. Can JaDecor be applied over all surfaces?
A. JaDecor can be applied over most surfaces except wallpaper. New or existing sheetrock, plaster paneling, brick and concrete may be covered.

Q. How many patterns of JaDecor are there?
A. JaDecor can be customized with many components and dyes and is limited only by your imagination!

Q. Is JaDecor suitable for bathrooms?
A. Yes, JaDecor is suitable and will absorb and release excess humidity, yet will not mold, turn soft or peel.

Q. How durable is JaDecor?
A. JaDecor is the most durable of the natural wall coverings available, and is superior in lifespan to most vinyls due to its incredible repair qualities.

Q. How is JaDecor applied?
A. JaDecor is troweled on the wall in a continuous plastering process. Therefore no seams to come apart or become unsightly as with traditional wallpaper.

Q. Is JaDecor fire rated?
A. JaDecor has a class A fire rating and can be applied in both residential and commercial applications.

Q. How much does JaDecor cost?
A. JaDecor is priced by the square foot and is comparable to other high quality wall coverings. The additional qualities that are unique to JaDecor make it the best value in wall covering today.

Q. How long has JaDecor been available?
A. JaDecor was developed in Europe 30 years ago and has been available in the US for 15 years.

Q. Can JaDecor be removed?
A. Yes JaDecor can be removed as easy or easier than wallpaper. You can also add another coat right over the first one. You may also paint over JaDecor.

Q. Is JaDecor considered a “green” building product?
A. JaDecor is the industry leader in safe and healthy wall coverings. JaDecor has been certified by the Institute for Baubiologie in Rosenheim Germany. The IBR is considered the Gold Standard for testing safe and healthy building products.